Lead Singer

Lauren has over 20 years experience of live performance and started singing at a young age in a rock and pop choir touring Germany and supporting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Before forming Lady Present, she was a solo vocalist with a vast repertoire performing in bars and restaurants throughout Essex, as well as weddings and private events.

She then secured a six month residency at a five star resort in St Vincent and the Grenadines performing as an integral part of the resort's entertainment programme.

On her return to the UK she decided to get a band together... Lady Present were originally formed with herself and 4 guys in 2017. In the early days, Lauren was having to put up with crude jokes and banter and had to constantly remind them that there was a "Lady Present" which eventually became the band name!


 Bassist and Backing Vocals

Mark has been a musician for nearly 50 years. He started as a trombonist in the early 70’s and soon moved on to the upright bass before progressing to the electric bass.

Although jazz has been his mainstay over the years, playing in various bands and orchestras, he has had a varied musical career, ranging from Heavy Metal (that didn’t last long) Prog Rock (that lasted longer) and Jazz (that lasted the longest).

Mark is one of the original members of Lady Present and, although most of his shoes are older than the other band members, he is now happily embracing  the opportunity to bring his own unique style and fretless playing to the world of cover bands!




Tyla is the baby of the band.

Tyla fell in love with the rhythm and feel of music at school where he first took up the art of drumming at age 12. He now finds himself involved with many talented musicians including an originals band “Toffees” and now “Lady Present”

This young man is a fabulous drummer and is destined for great things. So we are thrilled to have Tyla in our permanent line-up. 


Lead Guitarist

Brett has been playing guitar for over 32 years and was taught by some of the best guitarists in the business such as Phil Hilborne, Dave Weiner, Brent Mason and Guthrie Govan.

He has been gigging since the age of 15, playing with bands within the Essex cover band circuit such as The Earnshaws, The Heaters and Undercover also playing at festivals such as Evoke and Stanford.

Brett is also an experienced producer and mixing engineer and has co-written a number of songs that appear on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon music.

Brett is also an endorsed artist of Victory Amps.