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Nigel has been a lover of all things musical in some shape or form for most of his life. He has played the guitar (poorly) and the drums (to various degrees of success) in the past but realised early on that his forte lay with pre-recorded music and first started DJing way back in the days when it involved lugging around crates of 12" dance vinyls finally culminating with a residency in Brighton, Sussex.

He left the scene for a while to manage his own event management company, move to Essex and raise a family, but thankfully picked up the tunes again 8 years ago in the digital age.

Playing for the audience (not at the audience) and also able to produce dedicated 70's/80's/90's/00's themed evenings, DJMoo5h now enjoys a monthly DJ residency in the most popular music venue in Leigh-on-Sea, plays outside sets at local festivals over the summer, and is regularly hired for private events (weddings/birthdays etc) in Essex and Kent.